Cobalt Biofuels

Bioscience for Bioproducts

Cobalt Technologies combines cutting edge science and innovative engineering to produce sustainable chemicals and fuels from low-cost cellulosic feedstocks, with smaller carbon footprints and substantially lower capital and production costs.

Cobalt Innovations

Cobalt is developing and patenting a suite of technologies for the production of bio-based chemicals and fuels, including:

  • Advanced techniques for microbial strain improvement and selection
  • Proprietary high productivity bioreactor design
  • Energy-efficient distillation

To learn more, visit our Cobalt Innovations page.

Cobalt Advantages

Cobalt innovations are radically improving the production and the economics of biochemicals and fuels by:

  • Enabling the use of low cost cellulosic feedstock
  • Capital efficient , low cost conversion to butanol
  • Sale of butanol into the high value, billion gallon chemical market and multi-billion gallon chemical derivative market