Insurance Claims Against Me

How To Defend Against False Insurance Claims Against Me

If you have ever had the misfortune of having someone file false insurance claims against you, claiming that you are responsible for damage done, there are ways to protect yourself when these things occur. For example, if someone has filed a claim stating that you had damaged their vehicle months ago, you must show evidence that this is not true. The burden of proof is always going to be upon you, as generally anyone can file a claim whether true or false. Here are the steps that you will need to take if you have ever asked why did someone file false insurance claims against me, and what you can do to rectify this situation.

Show Proof To The Contrary To Your Insurance Company

The very first thing that you will need to do is show proof to the contrary of the claim that has been filed. This typically happens with auto insurance, although it can happen with other forms of insurance as well. If someone is accusing you of hitting their car, and they have shown proof of the damage, you will have to refute this truth by sending your own pictures of your car that is not damaged. If there is nothing on your vehicle to show that damage has occurred, then the claim that they filed will likely be regarded as false. If that does not work, you will have to move to the next step which is sending a formal letter disputing the claim which must be done in the following way.

Submitting A Letter Contesting The Insurance Claim

Next you must send a letter which specifically states that you did not cause this damage. This is what you will send with the images that you have taken of your vehicle to your insurance agency. The letter must be signed and dated by you, and it must state that your car has not been in an accident. You can state that you did not file a claim, and based upon the pictures that you are supplying, there would not have been in need. This will lead to either informal negotiations where you are talking on the phone with representatives of your insurance company. After that, your insurance company will then appoint representatives to deal with the accuser, the person that has submitted the false claim. Based upon the evidence that you have submitted, and the fact that you have not filed a claim, they can use this to your advantage. All reputable insurance providers will give their clients the benefit of the doubt, and can usually successfully dispute any false claims that are submitted to their company.

How Long Does The Process Can Take?

The process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, depending upon the accusation by the other party. For example, if there is a small dent, or a small amount of paint that is missing from their vehicle, this can usually be dismissed. Likewise, if there is substantial damage to their vehicle, and none to yours, their dispute could be settled in just a few days. Obviously, if there is no substantial damage to your own vehicle, it likely did not occur as a result of you hitting their vehicle.

After the process is complete, you will be vindicated of the false claims, and there will be no change to your policy or premiums. There are always times when this will occur, and if you are currently asking what you should do about false insurance claims against me, you now know what procedures to follow. In most cases, false claims are almost always dismissed, especially if proof is provided. All of this is merely a formality that can be used successfully to dismiss any claims that others are making which are obviously false.

Talking To Your Plano Criminal Attorney and 3 Other Ways To Reduce Stress While Waiting For Your Criminal Trial To Start

When you’re waiting for your criminal trial to start, you might be feeling upset or worried about what is going to happen. You might not know what productive actions you can take to help your own case. Here are some of the things you can do while you are waiting for your trial to begin.

Stay Away From Trouble

You might be a little bored with waiting for your trial to get started and might want to go out for the night or hang with old friends. However, it important that you remember that more trouble will make you look even worse when you appear in court.

Therefore, instead of hanging out with old friends who steer you toward trouble, make every effort to surround yourself with people who abide by the law and are unlikely to experience mayhem.

Avoid Negative People

At this time more than every other, it is vital that you surround yourself with the most supportive people. Try to avoid anyone who is going to bring “doom and gloom” to your environment; as hard as you work to remain in a good mental space, don’t allow negative people to affect the way you feel.

Talk to Your Lawyer Regularly

Your Plano criminal attorney will be hard at work to prove your innocence, but it’s important that you check in on a regular basis to find out if there is anything you need to do. You may need to meet with your lawyer to go over questions you might be asked in court, or it is possible that you need to provide the names of people you might know who can provide character letters for you.

When you talk to your Plano criminal attorney, it is important that you are completely honest. You might be embarrassed about some things or not know whether information is relevant, but you need to be able to talk freely to your lawyer so that they can have all the information they need to prove your innocence.

Take Care of Yourself

It can be really hard for you to remember to practice self-care during this time. You might not be able to sleep or you might only be eating junk food and comfort foods. However, lack of sleep can make you even more upset during this time, and sugary, fatty foods are not conducive to a clear mind.

Therefore, make sure you stick with a healthy diet high in protein, fruits and vegetables. Try to head to sleep and get about eight hours of sleep each night. You will find that you are better able to cope with what is happening when you are well-rested and well-fed.

Now that you know some of the things you can do to prepare yourself for your trial, use the tips in this article to help you. Work closely with your Plano criminal attorney so you can be confident that you have the strongest case possible and are ready to start your trial.

Reasons Why A Probate Attorney May Or May Not Be Necessary

Whether or not you hire a probate attorney as executor of a will is up to you, but there are certainly many stories out there that would convince people it’s necessary. Of course, there isn’t always a will involved for various reasons, which means a probate lawyer would then be a necessity for sure. Many will tell you that a probate lawyer isn’t needed for every family and every situation, but there are so many times when hiring one would have saved everyone a whole lot of trouble.

Sometimes there are also problems that arise when it comes to wills, and this can mean that there are people involved with differing opinions as well. There have been fraudulent wills and all kinds of claims, and banks generally aren’t going to release funds that haven’t been probated because of all the problems that can arise.

There are many other situations in which hiring a probate attorney would be absolutely necessary. For example, say that the estate and all assets involved were owned by a single person, the person that is now deceased. This is a common situation, showing again why having a probate lawyer involved is quite common.

Sometimes, too, there is no will and no beneficiaries therefore named in a will. This is yet another situation in which probate would be required. Each state has different laws surrounding the probate process, so this is something else that people must be aware of when moving forward with the distribution of an estate.

Many people wan to inquire about whether probate can be avoided if the estate in question is small. You would want to take a look at your state’s summary procedures, and one thing you’ll want to take notice of is the amount of money that is considered to be a ‘smaller estate.’ It could be as little as 5,000 dollars, but it can also be much more than that.

One way that probate can be avoided entirely is to have all assets transferred to another person prior to a person’s death. Naturally, this requires a situation in which someone is anticipating their own death, which doesn’t always happen of course.

One way to take care of matters this way without having to anticipate one’s own death is to allow joint ownership of property and assets prior to your death. A person can also think in terms of gifts to help people avoid probate and to think also about avoiding taxes when it comes to these situations. So while probate is often necessary based on laws that get really specific, there are also many loopholes where people are able to avoid the hassle of hiring a probate lawyer and dragging out the process.

Remember that simply having a will isn’t going to solve the problem. It is important for people to know the ins and outs of probate laws in their state if they want their estate to be handled the way they choose. Not doing so can cause all kinds of complications and problems.